Civil Law Moot Court 2018/19

After Death – What Happens to Your Digital Legacy

Does Your Car Already Drive Without Your Help?

Restructuring Law in Practice


Melanie Gassler-Tischlinger at Lundbeck Austria on Data Protection for Psychiatrists

Lecture – “Practical Problems of Shareholder Resolutions”

Compensation for Pain and Suffering Caused by Grief

Charity Art Auction

Class action lawsuits – Will we have them here too in future?

Big Data & Data Protection

Evolution or Revolution in Recruiting – Lecture by Günther Tengel

Lecture on Social Media Marketing

2nd Place in the Tyrol Business Run

Chicken Coops and Freedom of the Press

Advertising on Facebook – Data Protection Sets Limits

Data Protection: When Can I Contact Customers?

The New Beneficial Owner Register Act

Barbara Egger-Russe at Adventure X

Georg Huber on Data Protection and Big Data

Once Again – Top Ranking for Greiter Pegger Kofler & Partners

Georg Huber on Marketing, Social Media and Data Protection

Melanie Gassler-Tischlinger at the ELSA Winter Law School on Sports Law

Franz Pegger Receives MCI Teaching Award

Civil Law Moot Court

Seminar on Data Protection for Travel Agents at the Chamber of Commerce

Ethics for Lawyers

Seminar for Lawyers on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Data Protection and Ski Schools

Private Accomodation Rental and Data Protection

Eternal Loyalty? The Duty of Loyalty of Partners in Limited Liability Companies

Data Protection and Direct Marketing

Greiter Pegger Kofler & Partners Supporters of the first Tyrolean Electric Racing Car

Max Schrems at Greiter Pegger Kofler & Partners

The Restitution of Works of Art

Top Performance at the Tyrol Business Run

Data Protection at the Tyrolean Cableway Conference

Shitstorms on the Internet – How Can I Defend Myself?

Ban on Sale Through Amazon Permissible? Waiting for the ECJ Decision

Fake News During Election Campaigns

Developments in IT Law

Seminar on the New Data Protection Regulations

Street Photography

Working Hours and Remuneration – Siamese Twins?

Environmental Law Moot Court

Trend Magazine Again Ranks Greiter Pegger Kofler & Partners as Best Law Firm in Tyrol

Georg Huber at the Workshop “NEW Data Protection”

Stefan Kofler at the Annual GALA Global Meeting in New York

Ivo Greiter on “Tirol TV”

Univ.Prof. Gottfried Haber on the subject “What is left of Banking Secrecy?”

Interview with Alexandra Eder on the Revised Probate Law

Dr. Josef Greiter Award Presented

Ivo Greiter: Initiative for the Protection of the Rights of Future Generations

Georg Huber on the Risks Underlying Art Acquisition

Stefan Kofler and Georg Huber at the Export Competence Workshop 2017

Revised Data Protection Law – The Sword of Damocles for Businesses?

Triumph at the Civil Law Moot Court

Alexandra Eder Speaks on the Revised Probate Law

Constitutional Law for the Protection of the Rights of Future Generations – An Interview with Ivo Greiter

An Interview with Georg Huber on Industry 4.0

Georg Huber and Fabian Bösch on the Latest Amendments to the Tyrolean Ski School Act

Industry 4.0, An Organisational Task for Businesses

Barbara Egger-Russe and Georg Huber at Startup Live

Franz Pegger Speaks on M&A at the DACH Convention in Vienna

The New EU-Directive on the Protection of Know-how and Trade Secrets

Alexandra Eder on Business Succession and the Revised Probate Law

Interview with Georg Huber on The Protection of Cultural Assets

New Book by Ivo Greiter on Compensation for Personal Suffering Caused by Grief

Distinction for our Law Firm by the University of Innsbruck

Industry 4.0, An Organisational Task for Businesses

Dr. Franz Pegger Lectures on Balance Sheet Analysis

Dr. Georg Huber at the Forum Alpbach

Dr. Georg Huber and Art Law in the “Börsenkurier”

Getting the Deal Through: Advertising & Marketing Law (Austria), 2016

The New EU General Data Protection Regulation

Environmental Moot Court – Victory for Team Innsbruck

Art and Culinary Art – A Successful Event

trend online – Dr Franz Pegger and General Assemblies of Ltd Companies

Environmental Moot Court – Trial a Success

Barbara Egger-Russe Vice-President of Eurojuris

Art as an Investment

Environmental Moot Court

GALA’s Annual Global Meeting in Chicago

GALA’s Alcohol Advertising Guide with Contribution by Stefan Kofler

Barbara Egger-Russe Founding Member of Eurojuris International Sports and Events Group

Barbara Egger-Russe on Word and Image Copyright

Avoiding Pitfalls at General Assemblies

Dennree advised in the Acquisition of Zielpunkt Stores

Dr. Silvia Moser Interviewed on Skiing Accidents

ELSA Winter Law School on Sports Law 2016

Business Succession in the Tourism Industry

Civil Law Moot Court

Art Valuation

Dr Stefan Kofler and Dr Georg Huber at the Export Competence Workshop

MMMag Barbara Egger-Russe Member of the Eurojuris Knowledge Group “Corporate and Tax Law”

Dr Georg Huber Lecturer at the Danube University Krems

Barbara Egger-Russe to Speak on Copyright and Image Rights on the Internet

Company Handovers “Made to Measure”

Dr Edwin Grubert Speaks to the “Maschinenring Tirol” on Liability Issues

The New Law of Succession

Applications Open for Dr. Josef Greiter Award

Company Handovers – Transfer or Bequeath?

Dr. Herwig Frei at the National Meeting of Bus Companies

4 Teams at the Tyrolean Business Run

A Further Presentation by Dr. Herwig Frei on Wage and Social Dumping

Dr. Stefan Kofler at GALA in Warsaw

Supreme Court Confirms Ski School Proviso

Art & Law: Resale Rights for Visual Art

Regional Planning and Zoning by way of Contracting

Dr. Herwig Frei Speaks on Developments in Wage and Social Dumping

Confidential Documents in Clouds

Dr. Georg Huber at European Forum Alpbach

International Award for Dr. Franz Pegger

Landmark Decision by Supreme Court on Free-ride Ski Racing

You Tube: Advertising Law in Austria

Moot Court Team Pleads Before the Supreme Court

Environmental Law Moot Court a Success

GALEXY Conference 2015 in Innsbruck

Dr. Georg Huber to speak at EXPO in Milan

Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce EXPO 2015

Presentation “Bonus or Prison Bars” a Great Success

Dr. Ivo Greiter Speaks on Invitation of the Austrian Judges Association

Dr. Ivo Greiter to speak at the annual German Lawyers’ Day / Hamburg

Latest Top Lawyers’ Ranking

New Edition: Advertising Law – A Global Legal Perspective

Bonus or Prison Bars? – Managers’ Decisions under the scrutiny of the Public Prosecutor

Dr. Franz Pegger at Adventure X

Dr. Georg Huber to speak at GALA / Washington DC

Environmental Law Moot Court

Eurojuris in Innsbruck

Sports Law Symposium, Innsbruck University

Tyrol Chamber of Commerce – Export Competence Workshop

Medicine and Law

El§A Winter Law School on Sports Law

Moot Court Winning Team

EL§A M&A Competition

Monitoring Staff in the Workplace

Export Management Course

Dawn Raids – House Searches by Antitrust Investigators