Company and Corporate Law

Our corporate and commercial law team has extensive experience in advising and representing both international and Austrian medium-sized companies and start-ups.

We support you in particular in negotiations with contractual partners, in the drafting and execution of foundation, purchase and participation agreements as well as in the dissolution of companies. A focus of our law firm in recent years has also been the accompaniment of start-ups, from the establishment of a company to investor rounds, to a possible exit.

We provide ongoing support for companies and corporations from the very beginning, starting with the choice of legal form (e.g. Civil-law partnership (GesBR), general partnership (OG), limited partnership (KG), limited liability company (GmbH) or stock company (AG)), while continuing to conduct business (e.g. in the event of changes to articles of association or changes to the shareholder structure). Due to the number of specialists working for us, we can draw up any company-related contract and agreements of all kinds (e.g. contracts for work and services).

When advising family businesses, we pay particular attention to the family and inheritance law implications of succession arrangements, taking an interdisciplinary approach.
In addition to advising companies and corporations, we have many years of experience in advising board members, managing directors and supervisory board members (e.g. on liability issues) as well as companies in the assertion of (damage) claims against their executive bodies, or individual shareholders in disputes with their co-partners.
A further focus of our team’s work is advising foundations or foundation bodies (e.g. foundation board, advisory board) in all matters of foundation and property law.
Our lawyers are personally active on supervisory and advisory boards as well as foundation bodies.

Areas of focus:

  • Founding of enterprises and companies
  • Family succession, company succession
  • Preparation of shareholders’ agreements (e.g. syndicate agreements)
  • Representation in disputes between shareholders or in disputes arising from a corporate relationship
  • Preparation and representation at shareholder meetings (general meeting, shareholders’ meeting)
  • Preparation of rules of procedure for the Supervisory Board, Executive Board and management
  • Powers of attorney (proxy, commercial power of attorney)
  • Preparation of company-related contracts (e.g. contracts for work and services)
  • Preparation of general terms and conditions (AGB)
  • Advice to executive boards, managing directors and supervisory boards
  • Establishment and administration of foundations, establishment and amendment of foundation declarations and foundation deeds
  • Advice to foundation bodies (e.g. foundation board, advisory board)
  • Dissolution and liquidation of companies

Contact persons:

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Franz Pegger

Dr. Silvia Moser, M.A.

Further attorneys with expertise in this area:

Dr. Georg Huber, LL.M.

Dr. Edwin Grubert, LL.M.

MMMag. Barbara Egger-Russe

Mag. Fabian Bösch, B.A.

Mag. Andrea Pegger, BSc.

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