Real Estate, Construction and Property Development Law

We use our expertise in advising and representing clients in real estate and property matters on a case-by-case basis when negotiating, drafting and executing contracts ranging from the acquisition of land and buildings up to real estate investments, including due diligence checks.

Through continuous training, we are your expert in tenancy law (rental agreements for apartments and business premises, leases), property development law and condominium law (assessment of the real estate’s utility value). The structuring of transfer contracts and contracts of donation with a focus on family and inheritance law implications is in good hands with us. You can rely on our expertise in all property-related tax issues and public law matters.

Each case is different and requires individual knowledge and support. We possess extensive experience as advisors on residential construction projects, rental apartment buildings (Zinshäuser), houses and apartments, offices, hotel projects (handover, leasing, chalets, timesharing, operator and management contracts) and industrial properties.

We solve questions of financing, release from encumbrances, development, rezoning, insurance and management for you. In connection with project developments, we review or draw up general contractor and general planner contracts, contracts with subcontractors, architects’ contracts, and support you in warranty processing and debt collection.

Areas of focus:

  • Real estate transactions (asset and share deals), in particular purchase contracts, gift and transfer agreements, exchange contracts
  • Processing of property development projects
  • Condominium Ownership Agreements
  • Financing including the establishment of securities
  • Trusteeships
  • Building right agreements
  • Rental agreements (commercial and residential), leases, leasing and usage contracts
  • Easement agreements and real estate contracts
  • Land transfer (holiday homes)
  • Advice and representation in construction proceedings
  • Architectural law
  • General contractor agreements

Contact persons:

Dr. Norbert Rinderer

Dr. Alexandra Eder

Further attorneys with expertise in this area:

Dr. Stefan Kofler

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