Industrial Property and IP Law

We advise and represent companies and private individuals in matters of intellectual property law, including patent law, copyright, trademark law, design law as well as in matters of unfair competition, data law and advertising law.

The protection of “intellectual property” and protection against competitor’s unfair business practices is important for every company. On the other hand, every company also has to endeavour not to interfere with the intellectual property rights of others or to violate the rules of fair competition through its business activities.

Our areas of activity include the preventive assessment of advertising campaigns and promotional activities, for example, competitions, prize draws, comparative advertising, special offers or other sales promotion activities. Due to our firm’s membership as Austria’s sole representative in the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA), which comprises members in more than 80 countries, we can also make preventive assessments of international advertising campaigns – online and offline – for several countries.
Our field of activity includes legal representation in disputes concerning intellectual property rights or questions of unfair competition.

We conduct trademark searches and trademark applications both nationally and internationally. We also take over the management of trademark portfolios.

Areas of focus:

  • Advice on copyright law, trademark law, design law as well as patent infringement
  • Advice on questions of unfair competition and advertising law
  • Preventive assessment of advertising measures and advertising campaigns
  • Clarification of international advertising campaigns
  • Implementation of national and international trademark applications
  • Execution of national and international design applications
  • Trade mark administration
  • Litigation in the fields of patent law, trademark law, copyright law, design law, advertising law and unfair competition

Contact persons:

Dr. Stefan Kofler

Mag. Fabian Bösch, B.A.

Further attorneys with expertise in this area:

Dr. Georg Huber, LL.M.

MMMag. Barbara Egger-Russe

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