Inheritance Law and Probate Proceedings

We advise and represent you comprehensively in the area of national and international inheritance law. Our expertise and our network guarantee optimal support even in complex inheritance law cases.

When drafting testamentary dispositions, economic, family, tax and legal framework conditions must be taken into account in order to control the legal fate of your assets according to your will. We ensure that your last will is not legally invalid or misleading due to formal errors.

We develop tailor-made solutions for your succession planning and advise you on possible arrangements in last wills, inheritance contracts or gifts on death. We also support you in the development of strategies to avoid unwanted claims to a compulsory portion as far as possible. We also keep and register your dispositions to protect them from loss or unauthorised access.

We assert your interests in probate proceedings or in legal inheritance disputes and represent you in the assertion or defence of claims to a compulsory portion, in questions of the interpretation of a will, the enforcement of bequest claims or even in the contesting of wills.

We also inform you about legal options and structuring options in international inheritance law and support you in all inheritance law issues with a foreign connection.

Furthermore, we draw up individual powers of attorney for pension plans and advise you in connection with the preparation of living wills.

Areas of focus:

  • Drafting of last wills and testamentary dispositions
  • Drafting of inheritance contracts
  • Establishment of private foundations and donations mortis causa
  • Drafting of contracts waiving inheritance and/or compulsory portion waivers
  • Representation in probate proceedings
  • Representation within the scope of the written estate settlement proceedings
  • Representation in a legal succession dispute
  • Disputes and defence against claims for a compulsory portion
  • Establishment of powers of attorney and living wills

Contact persons:

Dr. Alexandra Eder

Further attorneys with expertise in this area:

Mag. Fabian Bösch, B.A.

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