Public Commercial Law

We advise you on the central issues that are important for day-to-day business. These include, in particular, trade law, industry-specific professional law, law governing the operation of plants, building and regional planning law as well as infrastructure, energy and telecommunications law.

We offer specialised advice to entrepreneurs, commercial and industrial companies, freelancers as well as other institutions (establishments, regional authorities) in a wide range of sectors (private sector, trade, industry, services, health care/hospitals, energy sector, trade, public authorities).

Separate areas of expertise are data protection law and public procurement law.

We advise and represent our clients in all phases of a project subject to public commercial law, from the initial project idea to the concept and planning phase as well as throughout the entire approval procedure up to project completion.

Areas of focus:

  • Obtaining trade licences, advice on all aspects of commercial professional law, managing director under trade law (liability)
  • Support during plant licensing procedures, remediation procedures and measures of the trade inspectorate (impending plant closures)
  • Advising building contractors, designers and neighbours on building and spatial planning law (zoning and development plans)
  • Monitoring of energy infrastructure projects (electricity industry), pipeline easements, assistance in proceedings for the compulsory granting of easements and expropriation procedures
  • Hospital law (construction and operating permits, separate needs tests, modification permits), especially for private hospitals (outpatient clinic, sanatorium)
  • Physicians’ law (establishment of medical practices, joint practices, health insurance contracts, pool money)
  • Advising universities and universities of applied sciences on questions of university and university of applied sciences study law
  • Local law (municipal regulations)
  • Foundation of private and non-profit associations, association statutes
  • Representation in various official and administrative court approval procedures up to the Constitutional and Administrative High Court, administrative criminal proceedings

Contact persons:

MMMag. Barbara Egger-Russe

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