Tort Law and Liability Law

We advise and represent companies and private individuals in the assertion and defence of claims for damages, the legally correct calculation of damages and the various forms of compensation.

We draw on decades of experience in the field of tort and liability law. One of our main areas of expertise is the assertion of compensation for pain and suffering in cases of personal injury (e.g. skiing or traffic accidents). You can also rely on our expertise when it comes to damages caused by shock as well as bereavement damages, which surviving relatives are entitled to under certain circumstances.

We can also help if you want to know whether there is any liability for material defects or defects of title. In product liability law, we provide advice on damages caused by a defective product.

Experience has shown us that in some cases an acceptable solution can be achieved by competent out-of-court negotiations, thus avoiding legal proceedings. We therefore always strive to solve a dispute – as far as possible and reasonable – without having to resort to taking the matter to court.

If an out-of-court solution is not possible, we will of course also represent you in court proceedings. We will discuss the probable course of the proceedings with you in advance and clarify which aspects are of particular importance in your case.

We are also happy to assist you in cross-border liability law matters. Due to our extensive international network and memberships in international lawyers’ associations, we have established long-standing personal connections abroad.

For many decades we have published pertinent articles in domestic and foreign professional journals, daily newspapers, etc. and are (co-)publishers and (co-)authors of numerous (professional) books published in Austria and abroad.

Areas of focus:

  • Compensation for damages
  • Compensation for pain and sufferings
  • Bereavement damages, damages caused by shock
  • Warranty
  • Guarantee
  • Product liability, product recalls
  • Medical liability
  • Skiing accidents, piste safety
  • Traffic accidents
  • Liability of cableway companies
  • Representation in and out of court (letters of formal notice, compensation declarations, settlement attempts, lawsuits, etc.)
  • Claims settlement with insurance companies
  • Arbitration proceedings

Contact persons:

Dr. Stefan Kofler

Further attorneys with expertise in this area:

Dr. Norbert Rinderer

Dr. Edwin Grubert, LL.M.

Mag. Melanie Gassler-Tischlinger, LL.M.

Dr. Silvia Moser, M.A.

Mag. Fabian Bösch, B.A.

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