New Collaborating Partner: “Die Paragraphinnen”

Our firm is very excited about our new cooperation with the Paragraphinnen, with which we would like to set an example for a more equal future in the legal sector and particularly encourage young female colleagues. Six of our twelve partners are female – one more reason to set a positive example.

“JUS, WE CAN”!… is our motto and appeal to all (aspiring) female lawyers who want to – and can – pursue their own pathes. The life we want to lead should be possible for both men and women on the premise of “as well as” and not be limited by “either… or”.

Either career or family? We [women] can do both. It is all about solutions, not problems. We are very happy to share the experience we have gained in three generations of lawyers with (young) colleagues – we have grown through the challenges we have faced.

Dear Paragraphinnen, thank you for this initiative and inspiration! We look forward to exciting collaboration and a strong network of committed lawyers and personalities from the legal sector who can make a difference together. Let’s think out loud and act confidently, the future starts now!

More reading material from the Paragraphinnen with GPK Pegger Kofler & Partners can be found at: