Jurismus Congress in Rotterdam

When young lawyers from all over the world come together in one place for professional and social networking, it’s that time again: the Jurismus Meeting is on!

After two years of distance networking, the Jurismus Congress could (finally) take place again” in person” from 16 to 19 June 2022. This year, Jurismus International, which as a young network of Eurojuris International brings together all lawyers under 40, invited the participants to the Dutch port city of Rotterdam.

A large number of “Jurismussers” were happy to make the (sometimes long) journey. Our partner Andrea Pegger was also there as a member of the board of Jurismus International. Under the motto “Personal Agility and Interacting Personalities”, inspiring working sessions were followed by cultural experiences – from the Dutch speciality “Bitterballen” to the “Spido Boat Tour”, there was literally something for everyone.

Jurismus Meetings not only stand for the perfect combination of professional development and fun in discovering new venues in an unconventional setting, but also for bringing together lawyers of the same generation for a friendly exchange at eye level. Often friendships are made that last for years.

Greiter Pegger Kofler & Partners is pleased to be a member of Eurojuris International and Eurojuris Austria and to be able to personally represent the Jurismus International group with Andrea Pegger.

Many thanks to the organisers Aniek Thissen (Board Member Jurismus), Sophie Hearle (President Jurismus) and Iris Brokamp (Marketing Eurojuris International) for the great event!

Further insights into Jurismus International and the Jurismus Rotterdam Congress can be found online at  https://www.eurojuris.net/jurismus-young-lawyers and  https://www.jurismus-meeting.net/wp/ .

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Jurismus Rotterdam Congress 2022
Rotterdam – Spido Boat Tour