Evolution or Revolution in Recruiting – Lecture by Günther Tengel

At the invitation of our law firm, on 9.10.2018, Günther Tengel, managing partner of the leading human resources consultants Amrop Jenewein, gave a fascinating lecture titled “Evolution or Revolution in recruiting – Who or what will lead us out of this dilemma?”

“In 15 years, 70% of the world’s top 100 companies will no longer exist. Artificial intelligence will make the decisions for us. The organisation of our work will change completely,” says Günther Tengel, who specialises in the placement of executives, strategic corporate management and personnel marketing.

On October 9, 2018, we invited Günther Tengel to talk about how the world of work and recruiting will have changed by 2025 and what effects this will have on future personnel recruitment, personnel development and employee retention.

Tengel explained how particularly demographic development, immigration, ideas about work-life balance and a new concept of leadership will affect the search for employees, recruiting and retaining good employees. He also pointed out how the young generation is questioning a lot of traditional issues and in some cases has completely different, above all more flexible approaches to the subject of “work”.

“The personnel search portals will make a globalized search for suitable employees much easier. In many areas, the search will be predominantly digital. Poaching will increase. Job profiles will disappear. Working in teams will become much more important. There will more alternative forms of employment. Employers will have to focus more on whether they want to belong to the flexible or the caring companies. Regardless of this, employers who consciously promote the integration of employees into the company will certainly have a significant competitive advantage,” explained Tengel.

But how can individuals be successful when so much is digitized and globalized? What is the best way to address the challenges posed by these developments? Do we want a search for new employees dominated by algorithms?

These and many other interesting questions were discussed in detail in the full event hall of Campus E at the WIFI Innsbruck and at the buffet that followed.

Invitation to lecture by Mag. Günther Tengel

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Günther Tengel


Lawyers Herwig Frei and Melanie Gassler-Tischlinger, Günther Tengel, lawyer Ivo Greiter


The full lecture room