Industry 4.0, An Organisational Task for Businesses

Industry 4.0 is going to change our world. Not one stone will be left on another. Industry 4.0 is digitalisation, automation and in particular networking real things with virtual things and those with people.

Product innovation and business model development in Industry 4.0 are still in their infancy. A number of questions are still open.

At the presentation “Industry 4.0; An Organisational Task” on November 22nd, 2016, , together with the Tyrol Economic Chamber, Greiter Pegger Kofler & Partners  illustrated the complexity of this subject.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Robert Obermaier (University of Passau) and lawyer Dr. Georg Huber, LL.M. described the economic and legal challenges and opportunities associated with Industry 4.0 to the numerous guests present in the Tyrol Economic Chamber’s Banquet Room. How can a close coordination of the processing of economic and technical information be reached? What do new business models look like? Why do businesses have to meet these challenges if they want to keep on being successful? Why will changes to the legal and regulatory framework be necessary? And what about legal strategies for the future?

In his fascinating lecture, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Robert Obermaier pointed out the following, “Industrial revolutions have always changed values. Everything that can be digitalised will be digitalised. Everything that can be turned into information will be turned into information. Traditional business models will be put under pressure”.

Dr. Georg Huber explained that the legal framework as it is at present is inadequate. “In a number of areas the present legal framework is insufficient for the new technologies and challenges. This applies particularly for data protection, IT security, liability issues, labour law and contract law. Contractual arrangements between all parties concerned will be extremely important, because in the near future the legal system will not be able to keep up with the developments in Industry 4.0.”


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Tiroler Tageszeitung 25.11.2016:

Tiroler Tageszeitung 25.11.2016
Tiroler Tageszeitung 25.11.2016