Breakfast@Law: ELSA Innsbruck and GPK host “Labour Law Breakfast”

This is where you get real talk instead of small talk: on 17 May 2023, we once again hosted the somewhat different breakfast in our office together with ELSA Innsbruck!

Who doesn’t like to be served good learning food and exciting morsels of knowledge? Today, our partners and experts in labour law, lawyers Melanie Gassler-Tischlinger and Laura Neururer-Blum, as well as our associate lawyer Kübra Tevek-Yilmaz, gave the participants an understanding of the topic of termination of employment relationships and the associated “pitfalls”.

Practical examples were used to discuss types of termination and possible legal disputes resulting from the termination of employment relationships – good information not only to be included in a degree, but also for life…

GPK says “thank you” for your interest and thanks to ELSA for their collaboration!

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