Franz Pegger Receives MCI Teaching Award

Our partner, lawyer Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Franz Pegger, was presented the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) Teaching Award. We extend our sincere congratulations. Our lawyers teach and lecture at various institutions such as the Management Center Innsbruck and Innsbruck University. For more information about our partners’ teaching positions see: teaching positions

The MCI press release on the Teaching Award:

Excellence in teaching forms is an essential component of the quality of any higher education institution. Every year the MCI Academic Council therefore confers a teaching award in recognition of outstanding achievements in teaching. The nomination of lecurers is based on the student evaluations carried out by the MCI after each course. The assessment criteria includes the lecturer’s professional competence, applied methods and teaching approaches as well as the relevance and applicability of  the course content.

The 2017 Teaching Award went to the three MCI lecturers:

Regina Obexer, M.Ed.
Lecturer and e-learning expert

Dr. Franz Pegger
Professor and Head of the Academic Council

José Luis Fernández Valls
Spanish instructor

The students particularly appreciated the lecturers’ strong commitment, their ability to get course participants interested in a subject, the good organisation of the courses, and the comprehensible and transparent presentation of the content.

The Academic Council selected the award winners based on the ratings they achieved in the student evaluations. The nomination was made automatically by way of the course evaluations. All study programs and courses of the same year were included in the decision process.

Dr. Claudia Mössenlechner, deputy head of the MCI Academic Council, proudly commented on the quality of teaching provided by MCI:

“The Teaching Award of the Academic Council recognizes the outstsanding teaching work of our faculty. The annual distinction aims to promote excellent teaching, provide impulses for the future, and contribute to the development of the higher education institution, our students and society.”

 Fotos of the presentation ceremony: Fotos