Lecture on Social Media Marketing

On October 18, 2018, lawyer Georg Huber will speak about legal aspects of social media marketing in the context of a training course for Tyrolean ski schools.

The main focus will be on data protection and copyright aspects.

From the point of view of data protection, the topics “joint responsibility” (ECJ 5.6.2018) in connection with company pages on Facebook etc. as well as social media plug-ins will be dealt with in particular. In addition, the topic of “web analytics” and tracking will be addressed. The topic of “Custom Audiences”, i.e. the comparison of customer data for the purpose of targeted advertising, will also be discussed.

The end of the lecure will include questions regarding the use of pictures and photos. On the one hand, this is also about data protection, and on the other hand about the copyrights of the photographers and the personal rights of the persons depicted.

Programme TSLV

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