A Picnic and a Chat on Work-Life-Balance

From a life concept to a picnic recipe!

A picnic and a chat at the end of a working day is a wonderful “balance”, as we discovered on 28 June 2023: Our GPK partners Melanie Gassler-Tischlinger, Andrea Pegger and Georg Huber spoke refreshingly honestly to all participants about their personal experiences with the work-life balance in the legal profession and revealed how much free time they actually have besides their full-time job.

Our trainee lawyers Jasmin Kratzer, Jana Schroll and Kristina Pegger were also among the picknickers and talked  about everyday life at the law firm.

The following questions were discussed, among others:

How can you ” juggle” career, family, household, your own needs and private time off?
Is that even possible?
Is work-life balance hard work, clever time management or simply an attitude to life?
What are the biggest mistakes, best tips and proven “survival strategies”?

Thanks to the Paragraphinnen, especially Eva-Maria Böhm, for the joint organisation and a great event in the beautiful Innsbruck Hofgarten. We are looking forward to all that’s to come and above all to making a difference in the branch together!


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