Business Succession in the Tourism Industry

Business Succession in the Tourism Industry

Dr Franz Pegger, together with Prof. Christian Fritz LL.M, MBA, composed an article titled “Business Succession in the Tourism Industry – Knowledge and Advice based on Consultancy Experience”.

Their contribution was published in the second edition of “Entrepreneurship and Tourism –  Entrepreneurial Thinking and Success Strategies” (Linde Verlag 2016) written by the professors Hubert Siller and Anita Zehrer of the Management Center Innsbruck (Tourism Department) .

With case-studies, interviews with selected top-entrepreneurs and best practice examples, “Entrepreneurship and Tourism” illustrates successful approaches in dealing with changes and offers incentives and suggestions for future trends. The work is a reference book and course literature for the MCI’s master degree of the same name and is divided into the following chapters:

  • Entrepreneurship and Management Skills
  • Family Business Management
  • Marketing Management
  • International Tourism and Markets
  • Destination and Innovation

Publisher: Linde Verlag

Entrepeneurship und Tourismus