Laura Neururer-Blum at the Winter ELSA Law School

At the 8th Winter ELSA Law School (“WELS”) around 25 participating law students from all over Europe were able to learn more about the “Legal Aspects and Consequences of Doping” from the 11th to the 19th of February 2023. ELSA Salzburg and ELSA Innsbruck (The European Law Students’ Association) presented a cross-city programme with both academic and cultural content – the perfect “educational break” – with an unbeatable combination of theory, practice and local experience. And above all, the programme was filled with cutting-edge questions, topics and cases taken from real life, cases present in everyday life or simply of interest to us all.

Our partner Laura Neururer-Blum supported the event on 17 February 2023 with a lecture on the “Civil Law Aspects of Doping”. From arbitration to civil law claims that can be asserted in connection with doping, the participants were provided with first-hand information.

Details on the regulary held ELSA Law Schools as well as on the current event are also available at . A big “thank you” to ELSA Innsbruck!