Monitoring Staff in the Workplace

On November 26th, 2014 Greiter Pegger Kofler & Partners hosted a presentation at the Grand Hotel Europa in Innsbruck titled “Monitoring Staff in the Workplace – What an Employer Is and Isn’t Allowed to Do”.

Lawyers Mag. Melanie Gassler-Tischlinger. LL.M. and Dr. Herwig Frei, both specialised in labour law, presented actual individual cases.

For example, an employer isn’t – or generally isn’t – allowed to:

  • frisk employees or search their bags or handbags because they may have stolen something
  • ask employees to open the boot of their cars
  • film employees secretly, i.e. without them being aware of it
  • film employees permanently
  • have employees observed by detectives without specific grounds
  • fit one way glass panes (which can only been seen through from one side) so that employees can be observed
  • install access control systems without the consent of the workers’ council which always show exactly where an employee is at work
  • consistently record and check which employees have surfed which sites on the internet
  • read employees’ personal emails
  • listen to, record or intercept employees’ personal or work phone calls
  • check on employees by calling on them at home
  • tell an employee to take an alcohol test
  • fit video surveillance as protection against theft or for security reasons without the consent of the workers’ council
  • install biometric time recording systems such as fingerprint scanners without the consent of the workers’ council
  • systematically and comprehensively monitor employees on sick leave through other employees or detectives without the consent of the workers’ council
  • install positioning software on field staff’s work cell phone without the consent of the workers’ council, so that they can be located at all times
  • install software to for the total monitoring or an employees’ computer
  • install video cameras in toilets, changing rooms or washrooms

The presentation was very well attended and numerous employers, labour representatives and legal practitioners filled the Grand Hotel Europa’s Baroque Hall.

Dr. Ivo Greiter, Dr. Paul Meier (President of the Princely Court Liechtenstein), Dr. Oswald Mayr, Dr. Herwig Frei and Mag. Melanie Gassler-Tischlinger, LL.M.

Foto Saal
The full Baroque Hall


Einladung Mitarbeiterkontrolle Vortrag Mitarbeiterkontrolle am Arbeitsplatz

Vortrag Mitarbeiterkontrolle am Arbeitsplatz