Barbara Egger-Russe at the Export Competence Workshop

Barbara Egger-Russe at the Export Competence Workshop

Our lawyer MMMag Barbara Egger-Russe was also this year’s speaker on the subject of “International Contract Law” at the Export Competence Workshop of the Tyrol Chamber of Commerce. This workshop took place despite all circumstances, but online.

This export training is part of the internationalisation offensive go-international, a funding initiative of the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy and the Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce. It is aimed in particular at export clerks, entrepreneurs and employees working in the export business, entrepreneurs and employees interested in the export business, new exporters and buyers.

Also this year it was very well received with over 40 participants.

Besides the module “International Contract Law”, topics such as export promotion, strategic planning of exports, international tax law, customs law, customs procedures, customs tariff, Incoterms and export financing were offered.

More information is available at: Tyrol Chamber of Commerce