Industry 4.0, An Organisational Task for Businesses

“We are experiencing a digital revolution whose implications will be more radical and rapid than those of the industrial revolution in Europe 150 years ago”  (Prof. Rupert Stadler, CEO Audi AG)

Industry 4.o is going to change absolutely everything, not one stone will be left on another. It won’t only mean digitalisation and automation, but above all networking. The networks will not only involve virtual things in the way we’re used to, over the “internet of things” it will involve communication between real things and virtual things and virtual things and people.

Industry 4.0 is an issue that is being discussed  intensively, but mostly only from a technical perspective.

At a presentation by our law firm, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Robert Obermaier and lawyer Dr. Georg Huber, LL.M. will explicitly look at the economic and legal context and illustrate the economic and legal challenges and opportunities associated with Industry 4.0.

Not only large industrial firms, but also manufacturing and non-manufacturing SMEs will be affected by these issues, since Industry 4.0 has an impact on all areas. Product innovation and business model development in Industry 4.0 are still in their infancy and a lot of legal questions are still unclear. The presentation will attempt to resolve some of the individual issues as well as give provide thought provoking impulses.

The event, in cooperation with the Economic Chamber Tyrol, will be held on November 22, 2016.

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