Examples for Restructuring, 2nd Edition

The second edition of “Examples for Restructuring”, a book by lawyers Franz Pegger and Nikola Tröthan has been published by Verlag Österreich.

The restructuring of companies, which involves some difficult legal issues, often poses a problem in business. This collection of simple samples provides an introduction to this complex legal suject. In connection with these samples, essential corporate and civil law fundamentals are addressed and approaches to solutions are presented.

The book also looks at  the required shareholder resolutions and the applications to the commercial register necessary for implementation.

A selection of problems is dealt with in a simple and practice-oriented manner and the user is sensitised to the subject matter in the form of comments on individual problem areas.

The 2nd edition of this book includes an access code to download the samples.

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Examples for Restructuring
2nd edition
347 pages
ISBN: 978-3-7046-8130-0