News concerning  Tax and Duties Law

MMMag Barbara Egger-Russe Member of the Eurojuris Knowledge Group “Corporate and Tax Law”

Barbara Egger-Russe was, as the only lawyer from Austria, accepted by the international lawyers’ association “Eurojuris International” as a member of their knowledge group “Corporate and Tax Law”. Besides MMMag. Barbara Egger-Russe  18…

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Barbara Egger-Russe New Co-Chair of the Knowledge Group “Corporate and Tax Law” at Eurojuris International

Barbara Egger-Russe presented the results of her new comparative law project at this year’s international congress of Eurojuris International in Frankfurt. The members of the knowledge group “Corporate and Tax…

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Dr. Franz Pegger Lectures on Balance Sheet Analysis

Lawyer Univ.-Prof. Dr. Franz Pegger lectured on “Reading and Understanding Balance Sheets” at a two day seminar held by the Austrian Lawyers’ Academy on September 16 and 17, 2016. AWAK Aussendung…

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