News concerning  Litigation and Arbitration

Class action lawsuits – Will we have them here too in future?

On November 9/10, 2018, lawyer Georg Huber will speak  at the “Follow-Up European Law Conference” in Hofen Castle on the subject of class actions. The subject is highly topical, in particular due to the numerous consumer lawsuits in connection with the diesel scandal and various investor damages. Currently even a reclaim of ORF fees (GIS) […]

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On 05.12.20108 the law firm Greiter Pegger Kofler & Partners held to the so-called “Breakfast@Law” workshop with 15 participants. Today, a large proportion of civil law disputes are not settled by a judgment, but with the help of out-of-court negotiation techniques and settlement discussions. Among other things, this shortens the duration of proceedings and avoids […]

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Class Actions for the Procedural Handling of Mass Damage Claims?

On 8.11.2019, attorney Georg Huber spoke at the invitation of university professor Dr. Waldemar Hummer at the follow-up event for European law in Schloss Hofen on the topic “Diesel scandal, data protection and cartels: class actions for the procedural handling of mass damage claims?”. The event entitled “EU AKTUELL – Developments over the last 12 […]

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Civil Law Moot Court

On 23.01.2020 the final hearing of this year’s Civil Law Moot Court took place at the Innsbruck Regional Court. Six teams professionally fought their way through three hearings and took on the role of the lawyers in front of the distinguished panel of judges, consisting of the Chairman Hon. Prof. HR Dr. Christoph Brenn, University […]

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GPK Women in Law: Womanpower with 6 Female Lawyers!

Greiter Pegger Kofler & Partners is pleased to welcome reinforcement: our new female lawyers Andrea Pegger and Laura Neururer now support and expand our team, especially in the areas of corporate law, M&A, labour law and litigation. At the same time, with the arrival of the two, we have now achieved an almost balanced gender […]

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