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Art & Law: Resale Rights for Visual Art

As opposed to musicians and authors, visual artists often only profit from their works once, i.e. on the work’s initial sale. This could be compensated through resale rights (droit de suite). Dr. Georg Huber and MMag. Barbara Rainer wrote an article on this subject for the art magazine “Kaleidoscope” published by Milionart (issue 2.15). To the […]

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Barbara Egger-Russe to Speak on Copyright and Image Rights on the Internet

On February 2nd, 2016, lawyer MMMag. Barbara Egger-Russe will speak on copyright and image rights on the internet at the “Vereinsakademie 2015/16”. The “Vereinsakademie” is an educational programme for all kinds of Tyrolean associations and clubs. Every month experts in various fields provide information and knowledge that is important for an association’s work. The Vereinsakademie is a […]

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Barbara Egger-Russe on Word and Image Copyright

“Who made it – who exactly made it” – Word and Image Copyright”. This is the title under which lawyer MMMag. Barbara Egger-Russe will repeat her presentation of 02.02.2016 “Copyright and Image Rights on the Internet”. Because of the high level of interest she will speak again at the seminar “Tools for Clubs and Voluntary Associations” organised by […]

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Ban on Sale Through Amazon Permissible? Waiting for the ECJ Decision

Products being sold through third-party platforms such as Amazon is an evil for a large number of manufacturers. Litigation is presently pending at the European Court of Justice (ECJ), relating to the decision whether manufacturers of luxury items can prohibit distributors from selling their products on third-party platforms such as Amazon.  The ECJ Advocate General believes so. (ECJ Advocate […]

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