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Art Valuation

Assessing the value of a work of art is a tricky business. The value isn’t only important to the collector or buyer, it is also significant for insurers, in damage proceedings, insolvency, inheritance and tax law matters. Paintings and sculptures are generally unique works, a long time may have passed since they were last bought or […]

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Art as an Investment

Art as an investment is gaining in significance. In particular in times of economic crises and decreasing interest rates, investors see art as an alternative form of investment. Next to the more common asset forms such as shares, gold or real-estate, today art is often a significant part of an investor’s portfolio. However, the art […]

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Art and Culinary Art – A Successful Event

On June 14, 2016 Greiter Pegger Kofler & Partners and the art company MilionArt ( held a presentation titled “Art as an Investment” in Innsbruck’s Grand Hotel Europa. Alain Mestat (Art Capital Group Europe, Luxembourg) addressed the numerous guests (in spite of the international soccer match) in the baroque hall of the Grand Hotel Europa: “We offer our […]

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Dr. Georg Huber and Art Law in the “Börsenkurier”

The latest edition of the Börsenkurier published on August 18, 2016 reports on a presentation by our law firm, where lawyer Dr. Georg Huber, LL.M. spoke on the risks involved in art acquisition. Download Börsenkurier20160818

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Georg Huber on the Risks Underlying Art Acquisition

Buying art can involve the risk of purchasing a forgery. An article for the Art Magazine “Kaleidoscope” by lawyer Dr. Georg Huber, LL.M. deals with this issue and illustrates the subject using two examples. Das Risiko beim Kunstkauf (Kaleidoscope 1.17)

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The Restitution of Works of Art

Austria: the restitution of works of art. One of the most well-known art restitution cases has to be the dispute over Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I. The heirs of Ferdinand and Adele Bloch-Bauer fought for years to have the painting, and many others, returned to them. In 2006, Austria returned the painting to the […]

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To New York and Back – The Acquisitive Prescription of Stolen Works of Art

In the art magazine stayinart (issue 3/19), lawyer Georg Huber deals with the question of whether and how stolen works of art can become the possession of a buyer having puchased them in good faith or whether they have to be returned to the owner they were stolen from. He illustrates the subject using two […]

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Artistic Freedom vs. Personal Rights

Attorney Georg Huber discusses two judgements in the art magazine stayinart ( that illustrate how personal rights and the right to freedom of art can oppose and restrict each other. Download Rapunzel, Rapunzel Rapunzel, Rapunzel – take down my painting! The right to artistic freedom vs personal rights The right to artistic freedom has beeen discussed […]

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