Completely up-to-date specialist knowledge.

Keeping up with the latest developments is absolutely necessary to be able to advise and represent a client successfully.

Articles and papers written by our lawyers are regularly published in renowned Austrian and international professional journals. We also pass on our wide experience and knowledge in university lectures and seminars:

  • at the University of Innsbruck
  • at the Universities of Applied Science in Kufstein and Innsbruck
  •  at the Tyrol Chamber of Commerce (Export Workshop)
  • at the Institute for Economic Promotion of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
    (Wifi) Innsbruck
  • at local and international seminars and congresses for attorneys
  • at the Austrian Seminar Week for Judges, organized by the Ministry of Justice
  • at the Austrian Seminar Day for Attorneys, organized by the Austrian Bar Association
  • at the Austrian Lawyers’ Association
  • at our own in-house seminars

Our legal brochures for you to download: